Getting started with Therapy


We accept referrals from all agencies and self referrals for those over the age of 16, and we offer an easily accessible Service for people to gain the necessary help quickly for problems they are experiencing.

Our Services are tailored to meet your needs and to help you to address the difficulties you are facing and the impact they are having on your daily life.

When meeting with a therapist of Mersey Psychotherapies, we initially offer a comprehensive assessment of the client’s problems and goals, and discuss the option of offering further psychotherapy which includes an agreed treatment plan and number of sessions, in accordance with National Clinical Guidelines including NICE (National Institute for Clinical Excellence).

If a recommendation for further therapy with a therapist from Mersey Psychotherapies is offered, and accepted, then all sessions will be provided in a private setting. Confidentiality will be maintained at all times, with information recorded and stored securely.